it has been a little more than 4 months since i’ve began this blog and i’ve already reached many (many… many) follower goals (as well as getting an acceptance to my dream school) - i never thought i’d get this far. with some pocket money saved over the years and a sister studying abroad in korea (how convenient!!), i’ve decided to host this giveaway!

most of the items are exo-related (as i am an exo fan), but there are also bts albums and other miscellaneous items!

  • exo’s mama (exo-m & exo-k versions)
  • exo’s xoxo repackage (kiss & hug)
  • exo’s miracles in december (korean & chinese versions)
  • exo’s overdose (korean & chinese versions)
  • exo’s first box
  • bts’s 2 cool 4 skool
  • bts’s o, r u l8, 2?
  • bts’s skool luv affair (special edition) (includes the repackaged album + dvds)
  • some items from etude house - when i go to korea in the fall, i’ll update the list of items!
  • if this giveaway reaches 10k+ notes, my sister will give away her signed exo poster (signed by the korean members - even i don’t have this /sobs)
requirements & info
  • must be following me! this is, after all, a little thank you to my wonderful followers. please don’t just unfollow me right after the giveaway - its rude (and unfollowers may be blocked from entering future giveaways)
  • there are no limits to how many times you reblog it - just don’t annoy your own followers! also, likes do count!
  • no giveaway blogs allowed.
  • i’ll ship worldwide, even if you live in the middle of the jungle. however, if you’re still a minor, make sure you get your parent’s permission to give me your address.
  • do not delete the text (i’ll check!)
  • the winner will be chosen by and messaged privately
  • the giveaway ends on november 27 at 12:00 am UTC-08:00 (californian time)
  • last but not least, feel free to message me if you have any questions or just to chat! i’ll definitely try to respond to every message :-) good luck!

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- Baby:
- Mom:
are you going to say daddy?? Honey get the camera
- Baby:
d-d-dibidibidis my name is Minho

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"Whenever I’m feeling tired or having troubles, there is always that one person who stayed by my side, encouraged me while holding my hand saying "everything’s gonna be okay, Tao-ah". After hearing that every hardship seems to disappear… Thank you, umma~"

Tao’s message to Suho (Weibo 131226)~

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"but hey, kid, that’s MBLAQ’s leader."

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yunho + baby 

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that time dongwoo was hit with a video tape…

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Choi Sulli for CECI August 2014 Issue

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kiseob doodle time 

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kiseob doodle time 

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