How to avoid questions by Yoon Doojoon 

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SMTOWN is like a survival game.

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If you’re one of those people who’ll say that WINNER deserved to win an award because of their hard work and EXO didn’t, I’m going to think you’re just trying to cause a fight. BOTH groups have worked hard and they BOTH deserve to win.

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perfect babies in suits♡

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Sight-seeing with Nodame!

Q: thats what i did always! Keep on eating non-stop!

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I hate how people say that red velvet is untalented and not worthy to be in sm. Those girls are talented especially wendy. Their debut song just didn’t show how talented they really are. You should see their sm rookie videos if you think they’re untalented. They got into Sm, one of the biggest companies in the entertainment industry, for a reason so just give them a chance

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The reason Luna gets so much hate is obvious: she’s kind, sweet, caring, pretty, and extremely talented. Being so sweet, people see her as a very easy target for their hate. It’s childish, really. Luna is amazing and deserves none of the hate she gets.

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TVXQ’s Keep Your Head Down album is so good. A lot of Cassies say that it was weak, but hell NO! What did they expect when the group became duo?! Their sound changed, of course. But the quality is/was still good. There are awesome songs eg. Maximum, Our Game, Rumor Athena, How Can I, She. So after what happened KYHD is perfect.

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he finished the slices of pizza all by himself o - o

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 Someone will definitely lend you a helping hand.

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