"Super Junior will now promote as 11"

"DBSK will now promote as 2"

"EXO will now promote as 11"

"f(x) will now promote as 4"

"SNSD will now promote as 8"

"SHINee w-


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I’m just disappointed at the sones who are flooding Red Velvet’s video with hate.

I’m a sone too but I’m so done with all these bullshit that gets thrown at RV. They’re girls with bright futures and if anything, direct your grievances at Sica + the other 8 AND SM.

Not Red Velvet. And going as far as to mock their pronunciation.

Just stop. It’s disgusting.

They’ve been through enough with the whole f(x) fiasco already.

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Tao doesn’t deserve the amount of hate he gets. He might not be an amazing rapper, but they attack him on a personal level and insult his looks/personality and it’s unnecessary.

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Next album jacket concept: The Tongue

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Let’s look at it this way:
SM never wanted Jessica in the first place. They wanted Krystal. But Krystal was seven at the time & so her parents pushed Jessica into the company. SM said to themselves, “okay, we’ll try (because you guys are loaded)”

So she tried her hardest at the audition (she…

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Regarding Jessica.


I’ve seen people flipping their shit that Jessica was “forced out” of Girls’ Generation.

I guess… I don’t see it that way?

If you want to correct me, please do, but please do it and a respectful way.

From reading, it sounds like Jessica wanted both, to be in GG and do her own thing in the…

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SM needs Jesus

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once again, the photo of jessica running out from an sm building crying (or so it looks like) is not in any way related to this recent situation! that photo was taken in april (i think) and i apologize once again, i didn’t know until some people messaged me saying it was taken months ago. i have deleted it but it seems like you can still reblog it. please stop reblogging the photo, thank you.

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